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I'm sorry mother
I know how much you love my brother
And how u act like we don't know each other
Cus I'm one way ;I'm not the other

I prefer music and poetry
Over any movie
I'm lesbian but that's not up for apology
But I'm sorry that's why your mad at me

I'm sorry mother
But I will not let you talk bad on my lover
I don't wanna disrespect
But Venum seeps threw your words and dialect

I'm sorry you can't see
That this is who I am it's me
I'm sorry you see me as the enemy
It ruins what you think is prosperity

Mother I love you but this isn't your decision
You yell like it's a evil manifestation
But don't everything happen for a reason
Or was I supposed to forget that lesson

I'm sorry you're so full of hate
That we can't really communicate
I knew coming out would seal my fate
But I hope we can be ok before it's too late


  • Beautifully written 💜

    Feb 16, 2022

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