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Memory is what I cling to
Wishing there was something I could do
But I couldn't save you
I was Yung you were too

A secret I sworn dug at my chest
I tried asking "do I keep a promise" thoughts no processed
I couldn't rest
Even tho I tried my best

Ghost's are every memory
It's all I have of u so I'll carry 
What now torments me once was marry
And I see others happy
In Wich I envy..

Ghost's are all that once was my joy
But the shadows had to destroy
It all fell like the war of troy
And others are smug or coy

But my rose who wilted 
From so many things complicated
She felt so defeated
The reputation of memory she was mistreated

She had me but felt alone
MY ROSE never got to be grown
Her gifts never shown
All that remains is a stone

I wish I said something
To me she ment everything
15 years I'm still grieving
But I am stuck dreaming
It's the only time I see her smiling

I helped others sence then
But I picture how things could have been
If I talked or she let someone in
How better it may have been

I loved her more than I can say
I still love her to this day
So I'll never let the memory go away
We'll meet again maybe this time she will stay

These ghosts are my only hope
If it wasn't for that I'd hang by a rope
Cus without it I can't cope

I await her nerdy words and silly things
And her sweet voice as it sings
Till then throwing stings
But I'll see her one day I'll get her some cute rings


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