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To feel is not to enjoy
It's as if ur a broken tool
Or a discarded toy
But I was once a fool
I forgot the only rule

You either have to long or to short hair
You are too sensitive or never seem to care
But in a world so cruel who would dare
To feel is in itself unfair
So stay alert stay aware

People will always take and take
They will bend u till u Break
It wasn't ur fault nor mistake
People are just fake

To feel is to have pain
To feel is to be driven insane
To feel is more than what is plain
To feel can over load your brain

So I cut it off before it can start
Lock it out to protect my Hart
I just don't want to be torn apart
And that's always a risk when u start

The fear of betrayal can manifest
An uneasyness u can't digest
And it makes it hurt to think and hard to rest
Cus it's a constant couculation an endless test

I rather be cold than cry
I rather never say hi
Cus I don't want to have to say goodbye
At the fear of anyone I love will die

Trama isn't a game
And u say u know or feel the same
But u just say it to shut me up it's a shame
Acting like I was looking for something to blame

So I won't say anything more
Cus I don't see it as I did before
So how can I open up any more


  • Feb 16, 2022

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