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Do I lose you while I gain myself?
  Could I still be called "my sweet love",
If I let you down, if I pull you down, if I go crazy?
  Would you go through my life once again
Making things run really slow down, baby?

  I lose love through veins broken
By enemy bullets with seventeen guns.
When seventy bullets warm my skin,
The seventh war will be the last I will win.

I lose my thoughts through the thoughts
I had already lost through your words.

Will I be called the loser
If I become your sole winner?
Winter in the middle of summer,
When the glaciers melted...

The mountains got drunk in the sky,
With the salty drops of those lazy mornings.
Will I lose if I gain the freedom
To love myself more, instead of loving you?


  • Feb 15, 2022

  • Feb 16, 2022

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