YOU DON'T MATTERšŸ„€ Read Count : 72

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You want to brag about stats
Bihh I got RECEIPTS 
Playing no1 is a fact
Bihh you can be beat

You can quote all you like
But you can't take another seed
My titles ORIGINAL 
You're just a facebook feed...

The shit YOU stole
Put you in place
You don't want them to know
THEN BIHH stay in your place

You didn't carry yourself
Came up off MY SEED
You won't get nothing else
So BIHH take heed

I owe no man shit
I'm no on no one's dick 
I'm not that that type of chick
I'd rather have peace than be rich 

The root of all evil 
Got you bihhs insane 
It's best to leave her
Me bihh..don't disrespect my name!!!


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