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In the woods of Oregon,
Where the blushes of the trees
It's tranquility keeps a good scented peace
It is in this woods I find my missing piece
Vals they say it's meant for two
Here I am craving for you
I am penning down my emotions
With much precision, i perfect this obsession

In the woods of Oregon,
I see no light
All is dark and drear
I ask myself will there be no light?
As I begin to fade away,
There lurks a stranger
Cast in a spell summoned by wanton eyes My longing erupts without words being said
I whispered underneath my breath
I'm never getting you hurt.

In the woods of Oregon,
My inspiration I wish to say is drawn from the spirit of Timbuktu
A scented flavor that keeps reminding me of you
Heaven sent her lacking wings
Caring and nurturing is the essence of her content
Beautiful princess, a sweet flower’s blossoming scent
Loving heart freely given without an expectant due
Her voice so gentle and sweet,
Her words spoken so lovingly kind -
She's the caring angel that calms my troubled mind.

Happy Vals Day to my Love
I love you with every bit of fragrance


  • Feb 14, 2022

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