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(Recap: Ankitha meets Karthik in a situation with jay.)
Karthik goes to his class and sits in his bench. And later comes Arun who is his bench mate. 
Arun: Hi I am Arun.
Karthik: myself Karthik.
Arun: were you a topper in your PUC?
Karthik: No I was just a normal student. What about you?
Arun: I was not a normal student also. But I ended up joining this college for my father’s sake. 
Karthik: Do u stay in hostel or you are a day scholar?
Arun: Hostel itself in break I will go and see my room number.
Karthik: even I will come with you Arun.
Arun: okay come it’s break now.
Karthik and Arun move towards the notice board where the list of hostel students and their respective room number’s 
Arun: We both are roommates also bro. I am so happy 
Karthik: Me too 
Arun: let’s go to class now and then to hostel. 
Karthik: yeah okay.
They reach the hostel...
Arun opens the door and feel so happy to be sharing his room with karthik. Later they both arrange their beds and clean the room once agian. 
Arun: Do u sleep early.
Karthik: No I won’t I will sleep around. 12:00 
Arun: Oh then welcome to the club.

Let’s see what happenes....


  • Feb 13, 2022

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