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So finally reached the college which is my home for 4 years from now. From here it goes on with dialogues also,
Jay: Today my cousin is coming to this college whom I am been loving since my 10th Std. 
Jay friends are thilak,ajay and Vishwa.
Vishwa: Oh so u became handsome today not like other days.
Ajay: Okay bro all the best for your love.
The girl who is cousin of jay is Ankitha.
Ankitha enters the college now.
Jay: Bro I will go talk to her and come you guys go to the canteen and wait I will be there later. 
Ankitha’s books will fall and Karthik comes to lift them and give it to her. 
Jay: How dare you touch her  hand who are you? New admission ha?
Ankitha: why are you shouting on him stop this nonsense here and move to your class as it’s time. 
Karthik: Sorry sir.
Jay takes Ankitha and leaves the ground

Let’s see wt happened later......


  • Sahithya Reddy

    Sahithya Reddy

    Comment whether you liked it or not plz..!

    Feb 13, 2022

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