Time Forgets To Measure The World Read Count : 117

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Our hearts share the same love,
Our skin has the same soul.
  Our thoughts sit on the same pillow,
Our blood shares the same color. 

When you touch me,
The pain goes overboard.
When you talk to me,
Time forgets to measure the world.
Time forgets the measure of our love.

  When I look at you,
Even the rain turns into butterflies. 
When you kiss me, my arms catch
Your red cheeks over my dull shyness. Down.

When you hold my hand,
My heart melts all the sadness I kept. 
When I miss you,
I feel like you're beating me in my chest.

You know we can get along well,
Even without releasing our words.
Because hot spring days await us
After all this terrible frost.


  • Feb 12, 2022

  • Time flies when you're with the person you love. Well written

    Feb 13, 2022

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