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The blue sky turns black
Because of the clouds
That revolve around my depression
Even when I smile.

And when I lie to others that I'm fine,
They believe me without
Seeing my fake smile,
Making me even sadder.

The rain flows from the sun
That burns over the blanket of thoughts
That make me a thinker.

Thinking of thousands of things
That I have not been able
To change for the better,
Changing my heartbeat and condition.

They see me as a man,
I feel like a bird caught. 
They see me laughing,
I cry with hot tears.

The blue sky turns black,
The rain flows from the sun,
Thinking thousands of why?
They see me as a man,
I feel like a bird caught in my own scars.


  • Feb 11, 2022

  • 😍

    Feb 12, 2022

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