Falling Down While Standing: By Krishna Read Count : 47

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Sub Category : Biography
It was a great day when I woke up. I started to getting ready to go back to my home from a small family function . I have a bit of breakfast. Then I was completely ready to go back and then my dad sended me to bring a Texi. So my uncle and I went to bring a texi from texi stand. We book a texi and as that texi stand was in the middle of the bus stand, so my uncle said that it will be better that I should reach to bus stand and wait there until this texi will reach there with all of them. I agreed because I already have all of my stuff in my backpack and as it will also save my half trip from my uncle’s place to that stand. So, I took another texi and reach there. Now, I plug my earphones in my phone and play my favourite music playlist. I started feeling the lyrics & watching the people rushing for their work and all things of their daily life.I was standing their at a middle top platform at the midpoint of all four ways and observing everything. Suddenly, all of those people and their actions started to fade out. Those sad and calming tuned lyrics of songs started converting into the heart scratching melodies. I started to thinking about my life, the pain that I have hidden deep down in my heart, the problems I have in my own life to whom I keep trying to ignore them mostly because they are too much painful and I can’t do anything about them. There eventually fell an unheard of unparalleled silence. My ears were filled up with heart melting melodies, My mind felt like a rubber room in which some thoughts which were so entangled were bouncing along and hitting the walls like iron balls at high speed and My heart was feeling like a generator constantly converting my pain into a enormous amount of energy that was pouring out with the help of those melodies and transferring that energy into those balls, to hit each time harder than ever. And then even after standing I was falling. I was falling into the depths of my painful and entangled thoughts.


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