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I can breathe
Mind is clear
Like glass

I can feel the breeze on my cheeks
Through my hair
Music going through my ears
Smile on my face

I feel free
Not like a bird 
But like the leaves on trees
Able to float anywhere

I am able to focus on three things

No screaming matches
No cry mw a river
No wondering  if I'm your backup

Because I am my own number one 
I am my own valentine
I am my own love

I no longer wonder if I'm enough
I know I am because
I am no longer
Losing myself 
For you

I am enough because 
I can live myself better than you can

Insults are not love
Lying is not love
Screwing her then claiming it was a mistake 
Is not love 
Disrespect is not love
Manipulation is not love
Threatening and shoving is not love

My love is the only love I need right now 

I am no longer thinking of you
You are non-existent 


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