REVENGE OF THE DARK KNIGHT (Book#01, Chapter#05) Read Count : 81

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy
God sends a message on a huge tree at the meeting point of these two states. All Elementoz reached there too. They were there at the same time. Frozera read that message. The message was that "To build an empire of this planet and for the sake of peace all Titans have to put their half powers in the tree. Only this can able both nations to live together and with unity and then any environment can't harm them." It's mean for the safety of both races from their environment all Elementoz Titans have to done this together. After this, all titans agree with it. But Zekxious got greedy here. He thought if he doesn't do this then he would be the strongest titan in all of them and can rule alone on the planet. Because he was the Lord of magic and illusions he can survived in any type of environment and condition. So Zekxious made a clone of himself and teleport himself to the Firex until the process got completed. After this all titans and that clone made a round position around the tree and gave their half powers to the tree. All titans started glowing with the tree. That view was extremely beautiful and glorious. All people of Zakandlas was there to saw this mighty work of God. After 5 minutes the process accomplished.The tree glowing more powerfully and more than previous. Then a ring of blue and red light came out from the roots of the tree and widely spreaded on the planet. Then a rain of blue and red light started. This rain able all the Zakandlaians to meet together and now they can went to any place of Zakandlas. All people were so happy and hugging each other. The planet was looking majestic and more beautiful than previous. All the Zakandlaians excepted there king and queen of there regions. After this Zekxious returned and replaced with his clone. Now lets talk about the functions and abilities of both races.



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