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When citizens carry there country's flag in hand...
because of a sense of freedom they get from it. It gives them long lost strength renewed. The government has the oddasidy
to say they are acting like terrorists. it opens a big question mark.  whos country is it really?
The people are the ones that bled for freedom. The government did  nothing.
. It brings tears to my eyes to see the  chambers of there souls start to fill up again with light, faith and pride . To become full of spirit and resilience
 There strength comes from the flag.  Such a simple item, that has more wieght than  the people in the government. I would bet a cloth that has colors painted on it is more meaningful to them. 
You can't win. 
When people are oppressed they may fall a bit.. then they grab onto a ledge.. and with all there might hey pull themselves up. Along the way if there is others trying to stop falling .. they grab them and pull them up to. 
So you see you can't win
The strength we have individually is great... but you take a whole lot of communities with great strength pull them together ... your starting to understand now that we have a battalion, a  platoon, brigade, squadron, regiment or best yet ...  a Legion of smart, talented,  pissed off  people. This Legion is stronger than any government .  Polititicians have there lies and games and fame.
The legion has strength in numbers, pride , conviction and juisdiction over the land. They will. . take back what was given to few poor entity's . They were hired on to do a job. Protect the country. When they don't do what the people want, then they try to take away the people's way to to protect. 
You got to ask why. 
 Why don't you  want us to be safe, don't say gun crimes, cause you know the truth is we won't have guns but the criminals  will  and some  bad citizens too..  When they try to silence your voices..
 what are they afraid of. 
Whay are you afraid of? That we might convince the still induced  sheep  that you evil.
 The politicians are wrong. They try to play us against each other... because divided people are easier to control... and demolish. 
Well I got news for you all.. 
 I woke up today and saw 50.000 truckers..
. I woke up today and saw people speaking out. 
I woke up today  and saw citizens walking the streets of there home towns waving flags and  demanding here God given Freedom.. 
I woke up today and smelled the change in directions. The air was full of promise. I could smell  the energy in the air.I could feel millions f beating hearts ...beating together on time.. hear the voices in there heads  speaking out and demanding answers.
So you can continue with your bag of tricks..
  It won't frighten us anymore.. honestly you went too far radical.  because now the only thing we are afraid of is  waking up someday and not remembering what you did to us the name of power  ... not a virus... 
You took it far,.
  try vax our babys... 
You pushed the button. 
 Mother's and fathers... do things like o to war, go through child birth, give up there blood, money and kidneys for there kids... You are not touching  the generation that is going to have to turn it all around.  Your not touching our babies. Something. politicians don't understand... is the will of people fighting in there Homeland for there land.. there heros .. there flag.. there opinions to be heard, there right to defend, there constitution  and the only thing we actually own... FREEDOM


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