Quitting Isn’t Winning But Who’s Lost With Losing Read Count : 66

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I used to be a fighter now I'm fast to call it quits I quit my sanity at its wits Fed up to the gorge with peoples bullshit as I sit pondering the rights and wrong wondering if I'm that strong to keep this go on and on and on and on and on until that bell rings hey stupid dingdong you know what needs to be done you had the answer all along and  if I'm wrong how much harm have I done the decisions I make takes the weight of king Kong im stubborn I'll beat on my chest like a bass drum and black out the word you say as if I'm all numb how come I don't know I guess to protect me Unknown fact I’m tough but I can be hurt easy you see anything and everything I allow never guessing I get ranover faster than snow being plowed and who's fault no hands raised in my past crowds no fan base so alone I shout loud I can't face my inner demons I’m not proud with no Case my murderer’s not locked down it eats me so deep I'm down to the bone so forgive me for being hard bc I’m facing this all on my own so queasy I'm sick of being alone but to be free evilness I'll never condone whether you feel me I'll never play with right against wrong say my name Leesie I'm walking a rope tighter than a bitch’s thong so if I quit just know I never strang you along.


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