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My heart is aching another sold is breaking another person mistaking more evil souls for forsaking purity for the taking negatively will never make me no one could ever break me another past masterpiece yeah a painting for spectators to be hating in the words of a rapper fuck ‘em their Nathen NaDa acting as if there's slates clean but I ain’t Sheen and there ain’t too many things I ain’t seen Youngblood that's cool I'm starving yall full I’m beef y’all bull yeah right that's null sit high and mighty until the fall then in your feelings starting a brawl ignorant enfactual trying to stall forcing your opinion on the meat and small hoping in the end of it all nobody Stand tall no rebuttal just spectators in awe yeah OK that's all well and said but that bullshit you fed to the living stands no ground when you're dead RIP to your beliefs if you shit sleep where are you eat if you creep ready to sow what you reap.


  • Gary Wallace

    Gary Wallace


    Feb 08, 2022

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