The Reckoning 🥀 Read Count : 65

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Wait bihhh...

You caused your own hurt
Then crying about the shit
Busy dragging me thru dirt 
Stalking me like I'm YOUR bihh

I'm not on your dick
In fact you're not on my mind
Pimping me to keep you rich
Bihh you're just wasting your time

I'm done riding for fake
Bihhs never been real
All you do is take
BIHHS when will you give 

I've had ALL I'm taking
Play the game by yourself 
In pain just shaking
I don't have nothing left

You all betrayed me
No you want mercy
That shit I can't unsee
I'm not even thirsty

I was loyal as hell
But you still played me
I held you up when you fell
I even let that shit be

You stole my seed
Gave it to another bihh
That no good deed
Still didn't make you rich

The time of reckoning 
Is upon you all
Ain't no need of beckoning 
No one's going to answer your call...

The day of judgment 
You'll stand by yourself 
There's no recompense 
You can't escape death...


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