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Accumulated wealth
soul kissing
soul touching
soul pampering
soul infatuation.....
A look?
A touch?
A smile?
Words of wooing
words of grace
words that tease
and tempt....
words from thy lips
enthralled and captivated me.
A hearts desire, for my
DREAMS were created
of thee. 'Tis of YOU I
see for within frolicking
breezes thy playfulness
I see. 'Tis of You I see
in cloudy days when
my heart a burdened be,
and soothing rain refreshes
me....'Tis when on sunny
days the birds, the bees
and flowers bloom I see You;
for 'tis of Thy love my heart
rejoices and blooms. 'Tis
when in quieted solitude
'tis of You I, at times mourn
my love, my light, my
eternal comfort You be.
'Tis in sacred intimacy
I recall the accumulated
wealth of memories I,
a favoured woman shared
with Thee. 'Tis a blessing
indeed for Thy legacies,
our three babies loving
replicas of Thee.
My eternal love,
my eternal light;
'tis the accumulated riches
of Thee I lovingly and
longinly in DREAMS
await to be united
with Thee, for wordly
riches and empty praise
of import no be....
'Tis within Thy arms
I yearn to be,
my love, my light
for all eternity.
©️PSA 5/2/21.


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