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If I could be 
Well... lets see
Just as seemingly perfect as you
 Being a replica of you , wouldn't make me true
 Trying to aquire others dreams gives limitations
Ultimately will only present  frustrations
 My imperfections make me unique
 The things I lack don't make me weak
 So I guess perfection is what you perceive
And not so much what you achieve
In life you can acquire everything you desire
fullfilling your desires doesn't necessarily makes you wiser
 It is important to take a minute  to decipher in whole
What it is to be the quintessence of what you  embody in your soul
 It is essential to be content in  your  own status
Fullfilling someone else's expectations will leed to madness
Rejoice in the prosperity of your  convictions
 Then your visions  will be free of any restrictions
 When you become all your life commands you be
 You can face what the universe demands. you'll see
 Become the embodiment of yourself without fear. 
Then you will know what it is to  Persevere


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