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When you get this my mind is set

I will finally be able to forget

Everything that I held onto

It's not fair that I have to do

But I don't think I can keep suffering like I am

Growing up I got called crash and burn 

Guess I finally lived up to it, Id say it's earned

No one knows how I feel inside

Especially when I isolate and hide

Trying not to be a burden to the ones I love

No longer am I able to rise above

The dark and evil crimes done against me

I'm horribly scared even though you can't see

They cover my heart and now my soul

It's all finally taking a toll

Physically mentally and emotionally drained

Loneliness and agony is all I've gained

It's not a fault to belong to anyone

Life has just beat me up till it was done

I miss those 3 years of love laughed and having fun

This is just in case I don't get to say goodbye

I'm always going to miss and love you even after the day I die

I'll find you in any lifetime so no need to cry



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