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Talentless tramps like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian are held up as role models for modern women, despite the fact that they serve no purpose, other than being masturbation material for morons. These women are portrayed as divine royalty by the mainstream media, even though they can’t dance, sing, cook, show any talent, nor have anything remotely interesting or intellectual to say and virtually have nothing to contribute to society. Nevertheless, they are built up as role models for women to aspire to be like, when they are nothing but pop culture parasites. 

    So, why does mainstream media portray them as such? Because these women help promote the short-sighted and hypocritical nature of another tool of cultural marxism: feminism. 

    Feminist theory claims we live in a patriarchy, painting all men as women-oppressing mysoginists. They truly believe this even despite the fact that human nature shows that both men and women compete primarily against their own sex. Women who complain that men rule the world fail to realize that men only work towards achieving high status and positions of power for personal accomplishment and to impress women. 

    Feminists are so short-sighted and hypocritical they don’t even realize that while they demand society to stop imposing expectations on them to do “womanly” things—like cooking and raising kids—all comes to the surface when they still expect “manly” duties to be carried out by men. The same women think it is sexist if a man expects them to do motherly things, such as nurturing, cooking, staying home, or any valuable thing our mothers and grandmothers had created. 

        Despite what they call male privilege—the belief that men have it easier in society simply because they have a penis while living in a "patriarchal, male-dominated" society— 92% of workplace deaths are men, 76% of homicide victims are male, 97% of combat deaths are men, 80% of suicides are men, and the majority of homeless are men, while women seize custody of children in 84% of custody cases. Not to mention, while many deny that men could suffer from domestic abuse at the hands of female partners, statistics show that 40% of domestic violence victims are men who are assaulted by their wives or girlfriends.

        Along with political correctness, nonsensical gender pronouns, and critical race theory, feminism is just another tool hanging from the cultural marxist's belt. It's still using the age-old prompt of standing up for women's rights as if we were still living in the dark ages. 

        While it may have started as a legitimate fight for equal rights, feminism is a fraud today. The entertainment industry is the biggest promoter of it, revealing the sexual abuse scandals, victimizing and empowering women to stand up for themselves, even when it's too late for it to matter. Women are still coming out claiming to be victims of Harvey Weinstein. And recently, a group of Playboy playmates had banned together to speak out against the physical and emotional abuse they suffered at the hands of Hugh Hefner, even though he's been dead for over 4 years. 

        Sure, it's great that they have the courage to speak out, but honestly, who cares and what's the point? With no other reason to bring this up, putting it on TV, it's only purpose must be to further a feminist agenda where women are seen to be oppressed by men. The forces that originally caused the resources of inequality between the sexes are the same forces that contribute to maintaining those resources of inequality today.

         This can all be seen with the naked eye as it unfolds before us, but when trying to get one of these women to see it… be sure to protect your face. 


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