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I can't believe my ears 
It took so many years
All the pain and suffering
Crosses on lawns burning
Ignorant men in white
Believing colored have no rights
They fought for equality
To contribute to democracy
No more slaves or segregation 
Many set up demonstrations
To prove they are the same as other races
Societyshould have no set faces
No more counting out color when choosing
No more wage abusing
No special treatment because of race
Do not use your race to prevail,that a socail disgrace
They fought for years to not standout
Not wanting any government handout. 
For decades they achieved there goal
Until the democrats took control
They erased history and rewrote with lies
So the truth, to most, would be disguised
They lied and made them feel abused 
The people of the newest generation were accused
Democrats made them feel like they should get restitution
Filling there heads with racist delusion
Now we are back to where we were before 
Convince them to show the white race deplore 
It's worse now than it has ever been
With democrats putting on a new spin
We are back to pointing out someone's color of skin
Just so the democrats can politically win
Special shows, grants, socail edicut if youre black
If you are white your your under attack 
They are allowed to have handouts for everything
They forget we are not them, we are there offspring
They forget they are there ascendents
I don't feel there ancestors would be ok with there descendants
They tryed so hard and justly prevailed 
Just for here offspring to use it curtailed 
So now we are back to being a racist nation 
But we are switched around The station
If your colored you can do criminal things
It doesn't matter the democrats will pull there strings
I'm not sure if they are ignorant or just don't care
I think Rosa parks and Martin luther king would feel dispair
Leaving the civil heros disrespected
Are they all so confused an disconnected
Wake up and see what your doing
All the your brave ancestors work your purposely undoing
Equality is out the door
Are we headed for another civil war

The hardest thing to all people need to consider
 It was the democrats keeping and selling Races to the highest bidder
© Rebel Reaper


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