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The cold breeze filled the air as the rain poured down heavily upon the roof bouncing off with a screeching painful sound that annoys me alot........guess I'm not going outside today I looked at the clock it's 8:30am silence rang through the atmosphere it felt weird The silence made this place feel like it was abandoned no noise nothing....I made my way downstairs to find the place empty Jake and Ethan were no where to be seen,Maybe they are in the kitchen slowly making my way towards the kitchen I opened the door but to my surprise it was empty I scanned the empty kitchen but nothing. Hm? A Note?

Celine you were still asleep we decided not to wake you breakfast is in the microwave help Yourself to anything today ok we are going to work and will be back at 8pm don't wait up order something to eat money is on the dinner table.

Whatever once I don't go hungry I guess,I headed on back to my room breakfast could wait I open the Journal and read another Entry and it said:

The boys didn't take the news well honestly I don't know what to do I told the boys don't say anything We can't hurt Celine I can't hurt her.

How can that hurt me? I wouldn't have forgiven dad but that still hasn't explain their death why do I feel like this is getting no where.
Let me continue to read and see:

I confronted him he denied it I can't believe him even if it means breaking Celine's heart I don't care she is unsafe around that monster he deserves to be alone forever
Soon enough I will have to take the kids and leave Him behind Tomorrow night No Turning back.

What!? Wait so what's the back story behind dad? Why did mom said that? She said her life was perfect and she was happy......... something is not adding up,It makes no sense great I'm officially confused with all this perplexing notes I need this to make sense hmmm it's officially 9:20am I have time I should check the attic for more clues.

It's so dusty in here no one hasn't cleaned here in a while a long while I should say, there is so much of junk in here I have no idea where to start maybe I should look in the big chest that is pretty dusty as I continue to open it slowly I noticed it is filled with old documents and private information maybe it can give me a lead on my parents death. I searched frantically and found something very interesting it was a journal and on the journal engraved on the front of the cover was the name Cas McGregor This was my dad's Journal I immediately closed the chest and headed back towards my room but before I could leave the Attic from the corner of my eye I saw some other documents I walked over to watch the documents with precaution as I drew closer I realized they were divorce papers that belongs to my parents I quickly grabbed the papers and headed back towards my room and shut my door all this new information is very stunning I felt overwhelmed this was too much to process I am really looking forward to see what this journal contains maybe then I will soon know what really happened to my parents and figure out all the family secrets that has been going on this all seems to surreal but I must know the truth I deserve to know the truth even if it hurts. 
I open the journal is what it said:

To whom that found this book just to let you know that I would never write in something like this but I wanted to clear my name listen I am not a monster please do not listen to my wife she is lying and doesn't want anyone to know the truth and in this book it will determine alot also the truth is documented in this book and also in the paperwork to find the paperwork it is in the Attic hidden in a cabinet contains important information that will show you the proof behind this information that I am documenting in this journal read and understand carefully I am a good person and I hope you can see that.

Wow so this has more to it all these information this is so much I wonder what secrets this family has that my two brothers doesn't want me to know I should continue reading.

My life was perfect and I'm very happy to be with my wife I have three beautiful kids and the stable job that provides a lot of money I have everything I could ever want then why would I trade that? I have a great Bond with my daughter her name is Celine she is the highlight of my day I enjoy playing with her everyday we have a special bond that could never be broken well that was until she decided to end our bond and no I'm not talking about my daughter but I am talking about her mother she decided otherwise.

So Mom lied? I really hope not because why would she? This is becoming more intense I still have one more hour left I should go back into the Attic and retrieve the documents.I hurried off to the Attic and opened the chest I found the key and Rush to the old cabinet in the left corner of the attic I opened it and there it was like he said the documents I quickly locked everything up and rushed back into my room I scanned through the paperwork my mom went on a total spree I took the journal out and continued to read.

She wouldn't tell anyone the truth I wish she would I cut her off from all incomes since she cannot maintain her spending habits she is furious with me she wouldn't speak to me she begged to have my incomes again but I said no she threaten to Take my daughter away I told her no I loved her like my own..........

Wait!? What!? My dad isn't really my dad!?As I finished the last sentence with sorrow in my eyes tears forming ready to burst.

You had the affair not me you ruined it all not me but I forgave you and accepted our daughter nothing changed between me and this family I still cared and loved you but you chose otherwise.

I couldn't believe my eyes I'm not my dad's daughter but he loved me anyways I felt numb,Cold,hurt why would my mom lie like that? Does My brothers even know?..........Just then I heard a car pull in the driveway I peered outside it was my brothers I quickly hid everything and rushed to my bed pretending to be asleep what felt like hours I finally heard Ethan calling out to me he opened the door and realized I am asleep He quietly shut the door and left as I lay there tears streaming down my face still don't know what to believe or think maybe I should get some rest and I will speak to ava about it in the morning I hope I make it through the night with this pain............I wonder what more secrets are there to uncover?.


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