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Iv realized that my voice says alot about who I am. 
Being confident to speak out and ask questions even if my mind tries to say different. 
No question is a dumb one. 
Part of life is realizing that it's okay to be different. 
It never did me any good when I stayed quiet. 
Judgement and feeling awkward. 
Just to be able to speak my mind and be heard helps me know that I am worthy of expressing who I truly am. 
I don't want to be fake and try to be the center of attention, but once I see someone's interested in getting to know what's on my mind it makes me feel like I do have a personality and can come out of my shell. 
Iv come to realize that once I feel comfortable in a social setting I can let go of my anxiety and the thoughts that pass through my mind. 
So at the end of the day no matter what speak up because that's what people need to be able to get to know what your all about. 
Nothing wrong with being quiet but at some point building self confidence and pushing past an uncomfortable thought or feeling will only make you stronger. 


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