Girls In The Grass. Read Count : 92

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Childrens
There is girls standing in a field of tall grass as the wind blew it woke up fireflies.The wind is blowing their hair back as they have their arms out as in a t-pose.The weird thing is it's just such an open field they don't even know where the wind could possibly be coming from. Either way it seem to be the best night of our lives Smiling, laughing, giggling, telling jokes and forgetting about everything. Before they knew it the sun was rising. Them and they're pretty freely dresses laying down in the tall grass  it feeling like a pillow. Softer than feathers, Warmer than their blankets. As the sun rosemore crows past the beautiful sunset sky. As they both get up and stretch and yawn 🥱They find their selves holding hands and playing in The tall grass again. Birds are humming, clouds in the sky so beautiful. Dandelions and daffodils in each direction you look. There's no pain there's no sadness.  Only giggles and fun. No rules, no violence. Just them. Then to find out it was only just a dream....


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