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Too long and sad,

I feel these nights.

My girlfriend is in another house.

In another bed, not in my bed,

My thoughts feel like a stream

Of cold air inside my head.

I feel lost, it's hard to be found,

It's night outside but also in my bones.

I cover my body with a gray blanket,

Waiting to break the silence between me and her.

When I see her,

The anger disappears in the fog.

Finding peace in her arms,

Finding all the missing parts of my soul.

When I'm with her, the days move fast,

Saturday and Sunday, I feel both as one hour -

Consuming our love through my longing.

Then I go back to my empty bed,

Missing her again.

I hope to see you soon, my love.


  • Feb 03, 2022

  • love it

    Feb 03, 2022

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