Let Not Enemies Amuse Read Count : 87

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 Lord, give me the strength not to bend
To no one, but to be as you are,
Take on difficult tasks without fear
Forget that the word "revenge" exists.
Never put stamps on people
Do not spoil the verse born by me with flattery,
Do not sing praises with other choirs
For those who don't deserve them.
When I laugh, I sincerely laugh,
When I am silent, then sincerely remain silent,
Be proud of children, do not swear in vain
And respect not every press.
Give, Lord, I do not ask for mercy -
Let not enemies amuse me -
And if I have to... if I have to,
Let me die repaying my debts.
And, Lord, keep from all misfortunes
My friends; and everyone who is dear to me,
Pour in the palm of a little happiness,
After all, You are not stingy with happiness on Earth ...


  • Feb 04, 2022

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