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The agony I have inside of me

No one can ever feel or see

Destroyed who I was meant to be

I don't have any energy left to keep pretending I'm fine

Every where I look All I see are signs

Of the life left behind

When I shutdown and lost my mind

Thinking about what it was like before

I wish I could buy happiness like that from the store

If I could choose to change the past

I would have done everything I could to make it last

It all happened way to fast

I didn't understand why and my mind couldn't grasp

I can't even make a fake smile or put on my mask

Or barely finish the easiest task

Beaten down by life has taken a toll

Tearing pieces apart of my soul

I'm not sure if I can find a place to go find those good feelings

Most of the time I lay in bed staring at my ceiling

My whole life the devil is stealing

Praying for forgiveness and I'm kneeling

I can't take the way I've been feeling

I want to be that girl you brought out of me

Not the one that has been hurt that you are able to see

I want to feel alive again

That's one of the many reasons I miss my friends

With you I was healing and didn't have to pretend

I know I am better with you in the end

But I destroyed that and I never meant to

Never wanted to lose you

I miss being happy and you too

I know my words are sad but the pain is my truth

These poems is how I self soothe

I miss you so much

I'm sorry for being a burden and such

I just want us to go back to being the friends we were. I want us

Knowing that will not be in the future for you and I

Is why everyday I still painfully cry


  • Mar 24, 2022

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