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Some days I know I'll wake up to your heart drenched with feelings.
The air around you smelling of insecurities and anxiety
Your hair will be soaked with the bruises your ego has endured
Your clock will be skipping a beat
Your fingers will be too weak to hold a pen to write update your diary
Your sight will be blurred from tears
You will be heavy with words sifted heavily in your stomach
Your throat will be burning with a lump too rough to swallow
Your tongue will be bitter from the tiny sparks of disarranged alphabets that won't come out
You will try to breath and your lungs will demand more energy which will be out of question at the moment
Your mind will be whizzing
The world around you moving in a very fast spin
That feeling of not being enough soaking your feet
But your heart,Oh that strong heart!
Will still be beating,proudly cutting through the heavy clouds blinding your way.
Laughing at the sight of the rain that had poured
Rekindling that flame within that seems to be struggling through the wind
Whispering the right words to your tormented soul.
Once again showing you,why you will always have a home within you
With mowed lawn of green suburbs
With trees that birds chirrup happily
With gardens of heavenly flowers
Where that light shines your way to that stream of tranquility and peace of mind.
Where your soul rests and every passing minute is a lifetime moment of pleasure,where words seem to lose meaning, all unspoken things find clarity.

Felom Gardener.


  • Self love.

    Jan 31, 2022

  • Feb 03, 2022

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