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             I was born on 16th sep 2003, i had an abusive dad n mom who is an alcoholic,my parents got divorced when i was 5 years before they got divorced they fought with each other every night, bloods everywhere, the sound of me crying out loud for help. They got divorced finally and i live with my dad’s side of family, he was brutal,alcoholic and abusive no one for me to lean on it’s just a 5 year old me wondering this world just by myself. 
               I went to school with the help of my grandmother money, study by myself, get dressed by myself and eat by myself. Meanwhile my dad came home drunk screaming at me make my heart beat so fast as i was a little girl, my body shaking endlessly from the fear of him. I can’t do nothing except for me to cry and cry and cry again. 

      During the age of 5 to 13 he didn’t lay his hand on me as my grandmother can still protect me and for he was alcoholic . I guess those day are the days i was happy in my life cause the later age is so brutal and agressive for me.

I hope you enjoy it and I will be back with my life story on my next book… thank you for reading and I’m sorry for the mistake I’ve created maybe spelling or not good enough English.. i hope you understand.        


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