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Life is like an onion
It has many layers
Don't be a sayer
Be a doer

Life is like a fair
It has many strayers
Don't be a complainer
Be a paver

Life is like an airport
It has many flyers
Don't live like a grayer
It demands a flair

Life is like a claptrap
It has many flatterers
Don't get trapped in blarney
You got to be real to yourself

Life is like a biased critic room
It has many naysayers
Don't be a blind believer
It cannot be predicted by a soothsayer

Life is like an orphanage
It has many indigents
Don't be a taker
Be a contributor

Life is like a wild
It has many predators
Don't be a preyer
Be a warrior

-Somkhang Pansa


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