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Woke up  in the middle  of nowhere 
Every way seemed so blur
As I turned, the light's  to blinding
Took a deep breath, the air so heavy

Where do i start, my thoughts  just many
Took my first step, long walk to freedom 
All the way up but mine in circles 

I could only just imagine, couse dreams would never be
It was all just so confusing, i was never understood

My emotions in a bottle, feelings misinterpreted 
I was always in my own zone, i kept me away

I was swallowed by the streets, just like the big fish that swallowed  Jonah
I would go to the temple, hoping to get help

Took a wrong turn, and  my road was misery  
I pressed  wrong buttons, my life just went to voicemail
Knocked on the wrong door, rejection opened  for me

I said no more to relationships, i was scared of losing 
My strength  no more, i welcomed  fear 
Accepted  defeat, i kicked out success  

Life was a joke, now I'm  the funny  one
Don't say I didn't  say so, mama would always tell me 
Broken hearted girl, consequences  I had to suffer

Every step i took, just  kept tripping me 
I gave up in life, so now it's just slapping  me
Got help from wrong hands, can't keep balance 

The battle is real, I'm at war with myself 
The problem  is in me, will I ever face the truth 
It's a whole argument up in my head, massive  explosion, problem  way to atomic


  • Jan 29, 2022

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