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"who fought harder".. it's measurements are in self preservation and individual beliefs, and priorities. What's important to one, that would kill for one thing, the other could live without. Like, I'd kill for chicken strips, but a vegan wouldn't. So i guess what I'm getting at is, i love him enough to sacrifice my personal beliefs, heart, mind, soul, to just have him. Weather he wants me or not. And honestly it's not right and it's definitely NOT fair! So don't do that to yourself it's a way crappier way to live!! The best wing man is a female!! Find someone that wants the same things and not just tells you they do but shows you they do! And remember the little things count a lot but there's a time limit or (statue of limitations) on everything. And make sure they're willing to compromise within the same limitations You have. And PAY attention to details and your gut! Don't second guess yourself!! If you can't be comfortably you or say what's on your mind or how you feel freely without fear of backlash or miscommunication it's a major problem. With experience (good or bad) comes wisdom. Nobody is responsible for you having good or bad day except yourself. It's not .. well i had a bad day because this guy cut me off omw to work first thing this morning. It's
.. but i didn't let that ruin my day!! Jope for the best but expect the worst. Let carma do your dirty work just believe and know it will and it's there. Don't do stupid shit but don't forget to take chances and have fun!! Weird people get picked on and put down more often because they make normal people uncomfortable jealous or resentful. Do what you know is right but don't short yourself. Have patience,.. and it takes more energy to be mad and hate then to say fuck it and move on otherwise you get bitter with time. And try to be self aware, admit when you're wrong but stand your ground when you know your right. Sex is very important to most females.. even if they don't want it.. they want to feel wanted ALL the time!! If a girl doesn't have to push you off her sometimes then she's like what's wrong with me.. Focus on the positive. Self preserve today cuz someone else needs you tomorrow.. You can bottle shit up for so long. Even if it doesn't explode it will become toxic and seep out constantly. Focus on tomorrow and do today what makes tomorrow easier. Find beauty in everything even the garbage. When someone asks if you need a hug,, maybe they ask because, really,, they need one. I know we can all criticize and ridicule about what someone did or didn't do or should have done.. but what's done is done at this point and hopefully.. probably not .. but hopefully we learn from fuckin up or seeing someone else fuck up
 You don't always have to forgive but it helps, and never forget because history repeats itself ALWAYS!!!
Those are my word of advice so far that's all I got and it makes .r cry cuz I'm so good at giving it but I'll be damned if I can do it myself!!!😓


  • Jan 27, 2022

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