You Can't Live My Life🥀 Read Count : 127

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You can't live my life
So stop trying
I'm not trying to be your wife
You already have 1 you're denying

PATIENCE, sex and time
Nigga you're out your mind
I'm not diming my light
Just To let you shine

You steady running GAME
Thinking I'm in the PICTURE
You only know my name
Be glad I'm not with you

You can't define me
Or keep me on a chain
Just let a bihh be
I'm one you can't tame

I'm not your booty call
Or one night stand
I held you up wouldn't let you fall
You still AREN'T my man

I Lived life as DEAD
Running from the feds
So many thoughts in my head
Couldn't shut it off in bed

 Its funny they STALKING
Why watch my moves
Bihhs just busy talking
 But I Ain't got shit to lose

You can never be ME
You couldn't trace the picture
Greatness you CAN'T see
But I'm a solid niqqa...


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