Ecstasy (book 1) Read Count : 58

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Sub Category : Biography
           In a world of amazing people. Lawyer's and super stars, i wasnt born to them my dads a chef and my mom works at lowes. Yep im ordinary. Now, i maybe boring but My Names Ecstasy Grahiola and trust me my life is anything but boring. 
    Lets let u in im 12 and boy crazy. Im the oldest of 5. Well, my father has two more but they dont count. I have an annoying f***in neighbor and hes 13 plays soccer and is always kicking his stupid ball in my yard. Next time he doesnt im not getting it. 
       My parents love this color eyed kid. I keep keeping on. My art wont work on its self. My sister and i are a year apart. And we have 5 brothers. 


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