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Have you ever done something for someone or bought them a gift, and they didn’t appreciate it or like it? Have you ever went out your way to do something and nobody showed up?? How about when you go to the store with friends & someone out the group didn’t have no money so u ask if they want something, and you buy it. Would they do the same for you? I try my hardest for everything, everyone use to always tell me I’m too nice, and a lot of people will take advantage of me.... like I said it’s not about the money that I’m worried about, it’s about seeing if your friends have your back like you got them... and in my whole 33 years of life there’s only been a few people that have had my back.... I try & try & try but nobody appreciates anything these days, not even my own family members. It’s sad and sometimes hurts that they don’t have my back like I got there’s. And starting today I’m gonna start doing the same... I’m so tired of being taking advantage of my own daughter don’t appreciate things either....I’ve been through so much I just want to finish living the rest of my life no drama but drama always come too me. I try and try to the point where I’m done trying nobody appreciates anything and I see that now.... that’s all I have too say!!!! 


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