When Did You Decide I Wasn't Worth The Fight? Read Count : 51

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I always wonder when did you decide I was worth the fight

Since every day you stay out of my sight

I know what I really needed was a little of your bright light

Because It always made me feel safe and that I'd be all right

I truly wish that you were here tonight

Because my body is so tense from everything in the night

Especially memories of everyone I lost I will never get them back there's not even a maybe or might

Everyday I get sicker and sicker as I start to fade away

Losing my health my heart has pain that seems to stay

Brain goes numb body paralyzed there has to be a way

To be rid of the feeling of dying everyday

Chronic stress my whole life

Causing me lots of agony and strife

I even got stabbed 13 times total with a knife

Then I met you and you made everything seem like it was going to be all right

You're the one that told me you thought we were with the fight

That's what kept me motivated to get home but now it's in hindsight

Because by the time I got home everything was said and done

So I moved away to not be a burden to anyone

But I did not run

Or shoot myself with a gun

I just made it to where if I left you be happier hun

Hopefully even if it's just some

Now that I'm gone out of your life

I'll no longer be bringing you any strife

No longer will I bring you the trauma and the pain

It was not for you to bear and it drove you insane

I know that trust with you and your love is something I will never fully gain

Memories of Us still remain

Remind me everything I had and ever dreamed of don't even have a picture to put in a frame

And I'm the only one to blame

I walk with heavy loads on my shoulders from all the shame

Losing the girls completely no rights makes me no longer a mother and it hurts bad

Everyday I get more and more sad

Raging fits when I get mad

Because I lost the best the ones that I love because you were all I had

That's why I was with you I was always so glad

So when did you decide I wasn't worth fighting for

Cuz you could have said something to my face you could have said something more

And now the way things look you might not get the chance to before I leave out lifes door

Because if I keep wasting away

 from the darkness within I will not be here anymore

If that happens just remember this

I will and always have loved you no matter what I never would resist

I really wish we could have actually had a real last first kiss

 because it gave me so much bliss

 Its you I'll truly always will miss

 don't even bother to ask why

 just know this is goodbye


  • Jan 25, 2022

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