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Walking this wild path I begin to see

 So many unseen wonders around me
 Tall, green trees,  swaying with life
 Nature's wonder, Earth's wife
 Weaved meadows seem to unfold
 All The grass in its gold
 Each falling leaf full of fire
 Racing wind blowing them higher
 Beautiful Bluebells tilted upside down
 They were there petals like a velvety rich gown
 All so gracefull and full of freedom
 Walking on there path, I never could lead them
 Towering trees , they shade a flower
 Giving to each others needs creates this amazing power
 They burst through life always in change 
 The great circle of life in arange
 Grasping to live and usually thrive
  From bison on the range to bees in there hive
 There just waiting for you all to arrive
They are a part of a so much bigger vision
 They all  Fall to the earth
by evening and up once the sun has risen
 Beneath the leaves under the old wooden bark of the trees
 Below The canopy look close and see what no one sees 
 A entire world invisible to most people
Relaxing and peaceful
 So quiet and serene
For now remain unseen 
Once again the hours have been lost again
 The wind whispers in your ear ,"Where have you been", "My Friend"


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