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I'm at the moment I have to make a choice

Even if I truly miss your voice

You can have it all

Since you know I'm going through hell and ignore my call

You sat back and watched me fall

To this day you refuse to be around

Tears rolling down my face without a sound

Picking myself up off the ground

Fighting for everyone I loved including you

I barely got back from the hell I lived

Every single day my heart wanted to give

You said you thought we were Worth fighting for

 gave me a reason to fight to live
And try a Lil more

Just to have you throw me out of your life's door

So take back the memories and all the love we had

Take every single little moment the good and the bad

I'm sick from being full of grief always sad

To the point I'm getting hella mad

You are the best I ever had

Now you treat me bad

So take it all I don't want the pain

Since I can't take the rain


  • Nicely done.

    Mar 28, 2022

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