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Life has definitely been hard for me, after losing my mom I changed.... I couldn’t lose anyone else, losing my immediate family hurts, it sometimes seems like I have no one. Having to do everything by myself. Not going to lie but my mom use to take care of me & I took care of her, til she passed. I worked at kfc in 2014 and I’ve babysat some kids. When my mom passed I had no choice but to get a job she left me with mortgage payments and bills. I got a job at this nursing home worked for 3 months lost my job. Didn’t know what I was going to do, someone told me to file for unemployment so I did and I was approved. It got me by for awhile. When my benefits ended. Texas workforce told me to reapply so of course I did and they kept sending me money. Now they saying I owe them money they overpaid me 13 thousand. Now that’s a whole other story. Everyone telling me to get a job near my house and I can walk there. That’s true. But they don’t understand my situation. I need to go to the doctor and get a check up. I can’t walk a far distance without getting tired.... and it feels like my heart gonna pop out my chest. Even at home with me washing the dishes i can’t stand up that long without having to sit down, my back starts hurting and I have to sit down. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t found a job probably wouldn’t last a day. That’s why I wanted to work from home. Back in 2012 after I had my daughter I started throwing up my food everything I ate I threw up. I didn’t want to be fat. It lasted awhile but then I stopped. I don’t do that anymore. The only income I have at the moment is child support and it’s not enough I’m barely making it, that won’t pay all my bills. I tried making a go fund me page but nobody even paid it any attention. It just feels like sometime I don’t have anyone on my side. Having to deal with everything alone. I need to find a probate lawyer. I have no money to pay for a lawyer. My mortgage payments are $411 a month, seems like I just got caught up on everything just to be behind again. When I got my income tax I had to pay over 4 grand that’s how behind I was. Now I owe the mortgage payments.... it’s just so overwhelming, that I don’t know what to do anymore. There’s not much left on the house. But I just don’t want to lose my moms house, I’ve made it this far and I have no choice. But this money situation sucks. Sometimes I just can’t handle it. 


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