Life’s Been Hard!!! Read Count : 46

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My name is Lorainne everyone calls me Rainy. I’m a single mom I have a 9 year old daughter her name is A’lani. She’s in 4th grade. These last few years have definitely been tough. My dad died on December 7 1998. My brother took his own life on August 5th 2014. On January 7 2020 I lost my mom. I’m the last surviving child. We wasn’t prepared for any of this, my mom didn’t have a will my daughter and I are still living in my moms house. I’m currently not working, I was never taught how to drive. Our hot water heater broke can’t afford to buy another 1 it’s been a whole year. I received my income tax late so was far behind on bills my whole income tax went to the mortgage company and bills.we currently have no heat as well. Been looking for work but haven’t had any luck, perfer to work from home but no luck. It’s hard being a single mom. 


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