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One of these days
Remember my kind ways
The caring words I'd say
My whole heart on display
Even when my life is in disarray
Something I'll never stop telling you
Is my appreciation and love to
Cause nobody ever did what you used to do
I'm damaged beyond repair
That is why people give up on me and no longer care
To understand me All they had to do is be there
And reassuring me sometimes so I feel like I belong
Since I never did before you came along
Now every thing has gone wrong
My health is getting bad
So if something happens try not to be sad
If not for you true love and happiness I would have never had
I feel my body slowly shutting down
Sometimes I go numb unable to even make a sound
At least I won't be in pain the day I go under ground
I know this is hard to hear
One last time I wish I could hold you near
I'm trying to hold back the tears
I miss the happy years
I got to have thanks to you my dear
Sorry I didn't know how to show you the way I feel
Without pushing you away from my love that has always been real
I didn't know better than that but it's not a excuse
Remember it is you I never wanted to lose
I didn't get to choose
You are my best friend I can't pretend
I'll love you to the very end
I miss you so much my friend
And I hope despite everything you will get your heart to mend


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