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He sees her,I love 
He sees another ,I admire 
He caught her,I felt 
He sends her,I ate
Leaves them sees another set

Imperfect being devising perfect strategies
Looking for her,I saw 
Thou art lucky
Taking her into the music box 
Playing music with his waist on her
He enjoyed the dancing moves
Leaves her sees another

Well dressed and highly perfumed 
He sets out to go and look for real beauty
Roam,roll,his boat 
Happily he finds another
Pours out messages like a mermaid caught in the sky

He became weak 
Youthful days passed 
Old age shown in the scene 
Leaving a bad reputation

I drove myself into the land of no return
Spirit regrets greatly
By: Barripoet Sowah
Great things has
Little beginning


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