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We lost you in a way we can't get you back.
We said words that you will never be
Able to erase from my thoughts.

  You lost us,
Maybe you won't even remember
What you went through,
Your last four months of torment.

You were sick, but you clung to life
Like a wall spider. 
Doctors shrugged:
"You don't have much left to live on..."
Wrong treatments and unbearable pain. 

The bed had become a prison,
It's hard to say...
You didn't want to go back to the hospital,
But we thought you still had a chance. 

I won't hear your voice anymore,
But your voice sounds in my ear.
I didn't tell you, but I'm telling you now,
That you're my hero.

I'm sorry uncle,
That I wasn't able to do more.
You lost the battle with this life...
But you will live forever in my soul.


  • Relatable

    Jan 23, 2022

  • Jan 23, 2022

  • Jan 23, 2022

  • So sorry to read about your loss, hope you are OK 😔💐

    Jan 23, 2022

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