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I’m absolutely fucking fabulous how are you 

A survivors guide to surviving 

When he does your eyeshadow a shade of purple that takes a few weeks to come off and the lipstick to match that might plump your lips a little to much remember there’s a reason you don’t let him do your make up 

When he replaces your necklaces with his hands and gives you sleeves of leopard print it a variety of different shades and adds glitter to your veins remember there’s a reason you don’t let him dress you 

When he wants to change your hair because maybe you have too much or it’s too long so he decides to cut it with his fingers remember there’s a reason he’s not your hairdresser 

When you brush your teeth and your tooth brush turns red and the water you rinse your mouth with stains the sink remember there’s a reason he’s not your dentist 

When the walls in the hotel are a little too plain and the sheets a little too white and he wants to use what’s inside you to paint the walls and dye the sheets just remember there’s a reason you don’t let him decorate 

When he lets you go home after this night remember it’s because he knows this is the last straw. Remember he knows there’s no excuse he can give you for his actions on this night.

Remember he knows he’s not man enough to face your father after he sees what this boy has done to you.

But my love you are a survivor, you are a thriver, and you don’t know the meaning of quit.

When this happens on Saturday night and you have an incredible job interview on Monday you call and reschedule for Tuesday so you can handle your business and come in and present your best self.

Girl you are a force! God didn’t let the devil win that night! Or any of the other nights. Remember your purpose on this earth has not been completed yet. Your time is not finished. 

On days when it’s hard to get out of bed

When it’s hard to look at yourself in the mirror and see the wounds 

When your jaw hurts and you can barley speak or eat just remember your trauma might’ve made you but it damn sure doesn’t define you! 

You are absolutely freaking fabulous 

I know it’s hard to walk down the street with 2 black eyes, busted nose busted jaw and hand prints all over your throat, but don’t be ashamed of your battle scares

They show that the fire inside you burns a hell of a lot hotter than the fire around you and you can walk through anything and come out ALIVE 

You’re not responsible for your trauma but you are responsible for your healing and damn it looks good on you! 

And I know it might not feel like it sometimes but damn that freedom looks good on you

But that strength 

That strength is beautiful and unbreakable just like you! 

People call you survivor but I prefer victor

To be called survivor means you have to accept you were a victim and we don’t live there. We live in the victory that we live. That we are alive!

As much as I hate him for what he has done to me I want to thank him. 

I knew I was strong before but he broke me down and I was forced to build myself all the way back up and I came back 100 times stronger, louder, prouder, and you don’t mess with a bitch that realizes who she is and what she is worth and now I know I’m a phoenix a lotus flower who rose from her ashes and grew through the mud

But most importantly I am ABSOLUTELY FREAKING FABULOUS how are you


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