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As I captured her body next to me I felt the secure part of me speak like the gentle breeze that blows when I sleep in a deep slumber;  I wonder off into wonderland and devised a plan that separated us from our Divine nature, I fumbled again into your existence, and here I lay in your arms dreaming about the summer days and how it should stay as warm as your lips when we kiss;  I get a feeling that we were equipped for this peer to peer shit, you were that light that fragmented off this insane plain where our energies vibe because we spoke the same love language;  a spontaneous child with the meanest swagger I had to dive in just see this soulful beauty I knew you and I were tied  like these shoe laces that runs a loop to my inner being my cosmic queen, it was just yesterday that our eyes had met and in our EXISTENCE time slowed down for us and what was around us didn’t matter at all, it was just YESTERDAY!!!


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