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Like moths possessed 
They dance round her in passions raw
In a stampede the prey to maul
Oblivious of the ropes she pulls

It's a fiesta fun to watch
The dogged race of spellbound prey
Destined to hunt bleeding to play
And in her bid their souls to stake
High on her sizzling 
Game of hearts

Enchanting prey 
Like in a bet that beckons sly 
Slay enticing snubs and shy
Shy coy smiles that twist instinct
And makes her prey 
To lead the hunt.

Thus hot in season heat like hounds
They hound each other in a ring of lust
Waving hearts and fresh hot wounds 
Smarting wounds  from arrows sharp
Shooting forth from cupid's bow
Submissive in her ropes that swirls
Closing fast towards the core

The core of her web intricate
Where her closing claws engulf
Clueless prey in grasping net
Gripping claws of her love sweet
Love fatale and ultimate
From Ultimate Preditor Sweet


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