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As her faithless fingers caressed sleeping doves 
My broken gaze was drawn to a far off heart and the thorns that rested on its fringes 
Should I wait for the hope that lies hidden in glances and open my heart that bares its own sadness?
For if I leave her this morning while she has her eyes closed 
She won't know I've seen part of her that no one else knows
For I remember how the moon's cold embrace left a path for trembling fingers and shadows that danced 
Of moonlit snow caressing dark branches while crickets played songs of fleeting romances 
So just as we shared night bodies together two strangers we were on the edge of forever 
Until love's reflection caught in a single tear showed me somehow , you would always be here .   By mark ward 


  • i love the choise and flow of words

    May 06, 2022

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