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Hey Mom

Look I know you are trying to find some hope

But first yougot to get off the dope

And get the help you need to learn how to cope

I want to untangle you from all the rope

Wrapped around you so tight 

Blinding your vision on reality and it's not a easy fight

I battle it to every single day and night

I know that feeling from the unknown you feel is fright

Put some faith in me and we will have a chance to be alright

My patience I'm giving all my might
I'm saying all of this with love

You need to find yourself as a individual and rise above

Or the mental illness you fight is gonna take your life

Traumatized Eyes you have I see

Learning how to clear my vision and that means I had to do it for me

You can to mom

Please listen and take back your life before it's gone

Past is over but we have to heal the damage that was left alone way to long

So I'm writing you this song

Hoping this time you'll hear and truly listen along

Instead of staying on this path your on

Because if you don't then I'm gonna be gone

Before I again lose my mom

You did what you could not knowing the consequences in the end

Would be a ripple effect leaving damage that destroyed who you are, there's no way to pretend

Only way to heal is to accept all that has happened

And look at yourself deeper than ever before

The dark cold and painful place at your core 

Be truly and brutally honest with you and you won't miss being able to be a mom anymore

No one can fix your life but you and God

It's okay to get some help we all should have been taught

Your demons are making you waste away and your soul tearing apart to rot

Open your heart, mind and most of all your eyes

Don't you know even when I was a little kid I could always tell when your words became lies

You need to learn accountability with god and yourself

Before anyone else

Before anyone can respect you, you have to respect yourself

I know this is gonna hurt when I sing this to you

But it's what I have to do

I'm working on myself and trying to help you to

So that way I'm not burying my mom anytime soon

I wanna see you laugh and sing a happy tune

Not being the person who I know you are

Since I was 12 has given me scars

Did you know every night I'd look up to the stars

Wondering if you were okay and where you are

So I'm sorry if I have to put boundaries up and be on guard

If I don't I won't make it to see my girls I know it's hard

I'm fighting with anxiety fits, voices, and mental illness to

It's nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about to

You can heal all of it including the pain

Please before it gets worse driving you deeper than insane

I don't want to see you shutdown like I was in the brain

I wanna see the truth and see the brighter future you can gain

Your mind needs help to tame

Nobody is completely innocent their whole lives so stop trying to find something or somebody else to blame

We call equal in that to just the same

Take back your life and keep it maintained

So happiness is sustained

Mom you have a whole world to explore that isn't stained

If you at least give all your efforts and go get help then it'll be my trust you will have regained

I love you mom I just can't chance losing myself or you again

I'm brutally honest and won't lie and pretend

This is the point of a beautiful start or a bittersweet end.


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