When You Realize That Your Grandma Is Way Older Than You Thought Read Count : 23

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As sat at my grandma's kitchen table just eating a sandwich and chips for lunch. I heard my say I'm getting to old for this as she watched my dad walk up the sidewalk all upset over something my sister had done.we knew he was coming to complain to us when I heard her say she was getting to old for this. I told her " your not that old your only like 63 years old." My grandma immediately responded with" what do you want " because she thought that I was trying to butter her up for something. I told her I don't want anything and asked her "with a very serious and inquisitive tone"you are 63 right" My grandma immediately started to laugh and told me "no sweetie I'm 73 years old" as my opened wide in shock I suddenly realized that my dad may be older to so I turned to my dad and asked in a serious and inquisitive tone if my dad was 49 he then immediately laughed and told he was in fact 53 Years old. I immediately started to reprocess things and put them together. Now I have  high functioning autism so sometimes I don't know what is appropriate to say or not. As soon as this one question pipes in my head I just said it out loud for I just had to ask my dad "if grandma is 73 and you 53 why do you look older than grandma. As everyone Burst in laughter except. My grandma said"it's because he gets arrested a lot that's what jail does to you" so I learned that that you never judge some on anything even age just by looking at them


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